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I feel like I should write about e learning. I went online today and read around some of the research and various opinions. What is e learning? How does it help? How often? Why do it? I asked my 18 year old son if he thought that it was a good thing to have e learning at school. He said no because if they didn't then he would have been way ahead of everyone else!!(Because he has a computer at home) Funny but true. Actually if you don't have e learning at school for everyone then it becomes less democratic. Like being able to read gives you knowledge and power and freedom to choose and to inform yourself and fill out a driver's license test; so does e learning give you access to something that is expected, just a part of all the weavings of information and potential interconnectedness. Who loses out? The people who can't afford it, the ones who don't know how. I don't even get the whole conversation.
The thing that I think is stupid is the way people spend so much money and don't know how to use it and then they have to get a newer one that they don't know the potential of or need the potential of either. Technology can bring people together or it can be a real and intended barrier to people connecting. I never use a data projector or anything at a class parent meeting because I know that what is important is to connect with parents and get their trust and to do that I have to be me without screens. The trouble with e learning is it costs too much, it takes too long, and there is too much commercial rubbish bombarding you. The good thing is that you can take zillions of photos and record experiences to share them. You can celebrate learning. Kids can get a better sense of their own skills. Kids who are isolated can find the world. You use it as a creative tool. It might be cheaper for the government to just issue every child in the country with a little laptop and free broadband. You wouldn't have to teach them how to use it. You would just have to teach them how not to use it.