Resources and Links

Here are a few of the resource books, web sites, videos, and links I found interesting. They are mentioned throughout the wiki but it may be helpful to have them on one page.

Books. This is not a bibliography. Simply a list for interest.

  • Reading With Meaning. By Debbie Miller.
  • In The Early World. By Elwyn S Richardson.
  • the boy who would be a helicopter. By Vivian Gussin Paley.
  • The Girl With The Brown Crayon. By Vivian Gussin Paley.
  • Imagined Worlds. By Tanya Batt.
  • The Art of Teaching Reading. By Lucy McCormick Calkins.
  • Spinster. Teacher. Both By Sylvia Ashton Warner.
  • Lifetime Guarantees. By Shelley Harwayne.
  • Exploring The Visual Arts in Years 1-6. Learning Media.
  • Picture This. Reading Visual Language. By Rod Quin, Barrie Mc Mahon, and Robyn Quin.
  • Teaching Reading Comprehension. By Alison Davis.

This slideshow is also on Youtube but runs very fast!