Connecting to Picture Books

Welcome To Tia's Learning Journal. Thoughts, Ramblings, and Reflections
on Children Connecting To Picture Books. A 2009 E-Fellowship Research Project.

I am interested in how young children respond to and make meaning from picture books. I want to see if by dramatizing stories, podcasting, making movies, and creating their own books, children will gain a deeper richer sense of meaning from picture books.

Over the next ten weeks of term two I will be reading ten different picture books with my class of five and six year olds.
Each picture book will become the topic for that week and we will integrate oral language, reading, writing, drama, art, and
the key competencies into our learning. I will record our discussions, video our learning experiences, and document some
of the learning with photos and comments. I will write a short reflection at the end of each day of teaching, recording the process
and any "Aha!" moments.
Some books may continue into the next week and most books will continue into the rest of our lives.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four





By Antoinnette Portis
Not A Box
By Eve Sutton
My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes
By Margaret Mahy
A Lion In The Meadow
By Margaret Mahy
A Lion In The Meadow-2nd Week
Sometimes movies from a book don't get edited and presented for viewing until later. Below is a link to a movies page where all of the
movies can be found on one page. I will announce in the wiki when a new movie is presented for viewing.

To view movies

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


By Robyn Kahukiwa
By Patricia Grace
The Kuia and the Spider
Esther Tamehana
Roimata's Cloak
Esther Tamehena
Roimata's Cloak-2nd Week

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Week 9

Week 10


By Joy Cowley
Illustrated by Robyn Belton
The Duck in the Gun
By Joy Cowley
Illustrated by Robyn Belton
The Duck-2nd Week

Initial Brainstorm